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Custom Audio/ Video/ Networking/ Surveillance Pre-Wiring

 Before the wiring of the house is begun, we consult with the customer to determine the best system that accommodates both their needs and budget.  We provide a free consultation to discuss the limitless possibilities for the customers dream automation and audio / video system.  Once a system is designed, the layout of the wiring is determined.  When the house is ready for pre-wiring we walk through and mark the locations where everything will be placed per the design layout.   The customer is welcome to join us to confirm everything is placed to their liking.  We only use high grade cable and take extreme care to avoid sharp bends and kinks while routing the wire.  We also take great care to route the wire away from the electric cable as to reduce the risk of interference.    You might wonder why you should not use your electrician to wire your house for the systems mentioned above.  There are a few reasons to choose us over an electrician: The use of low-grade wire, very sharp turns on the wire, attachment devices that crush the wire and cheap or improper terminations to the wire. 

Equipment Sales and Installation

 Nearing the end of the construction of the house we meet back with the customer to make final decisions on the electronic equipment to be purchased for  and installed in the house.  Technology is ever-changing, and we want our customers to be offered the newest technology even if it was not available when they began construction.  If the house is existing, we would start at this point and simply come in to install  the decided upon system.  We take great pride in our installations and are extremely careful.  Whether you are simply upgrading an existing system or creating an extravagant theater, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen!


Automation systems are becoming more and more popular and commonplace in todays homes and businesses.  We can integrate lights, thermostats, alarm systems, garage doors, blinds, ceiling fans, video intercoms, audio systems, video systems, home theaters, door locks and much more! 

Imagine opening your garage door, your path lights itself, your favorite pandora station starts playing. 20 minutes later the Pandora turns off and your favorite news stations plays in your theater!

Audio / Video Systems

Ever dream of an audio system that gives you both music and source control in many rooms of your house?  The days of simple volume controls and amplifiers are gone and what has replaced them is nothing short of amazing.  You can have music and video from a centralized rack of equipment distributed throught your home and have complete control of the system (including streamed sources)from any room that you desire.   These systems can be retrofitted to many existing homes or Pre-wired  ahead of time.